About School

Jesus Grace Modern School founded in 2008 is owned and managed by the Dharmveer Singh Educational and Welfare Society, a religious, charitable and social organization (Society) registered under the Societies Registration Act. The School is an unaided Minority Christian School. JGMS is built on a solid foundation of integrity, honesty and professionalism in imparting education. Far from being a static organization founded on outdated and stagnant principles, it operates as a living organism in which members such as the principal, teachers, and students are constantly engaged in the process of reinventing education.
The constant goal at JGMS is to function as a “contemplative school,” where the students are given the greatest amount of freedom to innovate and be creative. Everyone at JGMS agrees that each child is a unique individual. The mind of a youngster is not a blank slate, but a place for unrestricted expression and creation. Thus, the adoption of personalized and learner-controlled educational approaches guarantees that students can learn at their own speed while simultaneously maintaining their uniqueness. The school proudly upholds its commitments to all round excellence and emphasizes on its motto.